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Top 5 On-Page SEO Must-Dos for 2014

By | Apr 11th, 2014 04.29 AM | View all posts in Blog Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization

As the year 2014 continues unfolding, business owners are recognizing that employing effective on-page SEO techniques is still a critical factor that can determine their search ranking in major engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With this idea in mind, you may find it helpful to review this list of top 5 on-page SEO must-dos for the year:

Top 5 on-page seo must do's


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1. Great Content.

Although this on-page SEO must-do may seem trite or obvious, it really isn’t. Content is still king and many website owners are still failing to acknowledge the truth of this statement. In order to ensure that your website can catch and keep the attention of your audience, it is important that your blogs, articles, and product pages are full of lively, informative content. In general, academic language should be kept to a minimum and paragraphs should be no longer than five or six sentences. Additionally, the content should be clear and concise rather than wordy and convoluted.¬†

2. Make Your Text Scannable.

There is currently a body of research available lending credence to the notion that many if not most online readers do not read content in full. Rather, they look for textual markers that enable them to “scan” documents. Some of these textual markers include headers, bullets, and lists. When you include these types of textual markers in your website content, readers can quickly scan it to find the information they are looking for. Once you have built their confidence in the fact that you’ll continually offer them this type of scannable content so they can quickly attain the data they want, your visitors will be much more likely to return to your website.

3. Keyword Synonyms.

While many business website owners recognize the integral role that keywords play in maximizing SEO efficacy, they may not be aware that keyword synonyms may be equally important. In addition to peppering blogs and articles with a main keyword that summarizes the topic or theme of the piece, internet marketing experts are now stating that the content should also include a keyword synonym. The keyword synonym is a term that is similar in meaning to the main keyword. The inclusion of keyword synonyms has been deemed effective as a result of the fact that it creates the impression that the article is highly related to the main keyword. This in turn indicates that the article will actually explore the topic that it claims to place primacy upon through the metatag(s).

4. Monitor The Presence Of Ads.

As many website owners and internet advertising specialists have learned, the presence of ads can be tricky in the world of SEO. In many cases, the ads are specified to the content that appears on the page such that the products and services being advertised are the types of things that viewers would be interested in. As a result of this, many website viewers appreciate the presence of ads that are somehow relevant to their life. At the same time, however, the presence of too many ads on a website page can detract from its quality, especially if they are not optimized to help maintain the website’s overall aesthetic appeal. Thus while it is still a good idea to include ads on a website for the purpose of generating income, it is also advantageous to make certain that there are not too many ads on the site pages. Determining whether ads are contributing to a “cluttered” or “unaesthetic” look is often a task for a professional web designer.

5. Titles.

Unfortunately, many people do not place primacy on creating strategic titles. Yet titles are important for many reasons, including the fact that they give the website owner the ability to maximize opportunities to plant the keyword in the content. Doing this can help increase one’s ranking in the search engine results pages.


If you are serious about maximizing your SEO opportunities in 2014, it is important that you stay up to date regarding the on-page strategies that are being employed these days. By carefully considering the information listed above, you can make an informed decision regarding how to create or alter your content so that you can expand your online presence and increase conversion rates. Good luck!

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