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Trends Digital Marketers Must Know in 2014 for Southeast Asia

By | Jun 9th, 2014 03.09 AM | View all posts in Blog Digital Marketing Infographic

If you are looking to advance your business or online campaign in Southeast Asia, here are some important statistical data you just might want to learn about before you start. We have broken the infographic down into 5 different sections so you can easily grasp everything important under each header. Listen up closely if you’re business is related to “Organic Food”.


Trends Digital Marketing Should Know for 2014 in Southeast Asia

Written Data:

1. Female consumers gaining greater influence in Asia

– Women are gaining greater influence in the ASEAN consumer class
– By 2012, India and China’s female economies are projected to account for $5 trillion of world spending
– 31% of women in Asia are chief income earners
– 60% of male product purchases are made by female buyers

2. Social media is booming

– Social media is here to stay, especially in Southeast Asia
– The region shows high social media adoption rate for every country
– 60% of Malaysians have connected with brands on a social media site
– 65% of Filipinos have connected with brands on a social media site
– 69% of Singaporeans have connected with brands on a social media site

3. Organic food purchasing gaining popularity fast

– The Southeast Asian consumer audience is leaning now, more than ever towards organic food
– 25% of consumers in India are willing to pay a little more for organic food
– 18% of consumers in Southeast Asia are willing to pay a little more for organic food and greens
– 15 to 20% of growth is shown in the Southeast Asian region every year in the last decade
– Organic food is gaining popularity fast and there is no sign of it slowing down. Smart marketers should take advantage of it

4. Indonesia will boom

– The country’s GDP and number of middle class and affluent Indonesian consumers will double by 2020
– Google has rolled out Google passport service for internet access via Android app at low rates across the whole of Jakarta
– 91% of Indonesian still buys food from local shops rather than online
– We are talking 141 Million Indonesian consumers with money to spend on consumer goods
– Indonesia is just starting out on the digital sphere with new generations becoming more digitally savvy

5. Mobile will dominate

– Mobile is already a huge trend in Southeast Asia
– In Thailand, the mobile penetration rate is over 100%, meaning each person tends to own more than 1 mobile device
– 85% of digital consumers in Singapore own an internet-capable mobile phone
– 100% of Indonesian internet users have online access through a mobile device

“There are already 895 million mobile users in the region. Expect this to grow even more.”

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