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The Rise of The Chief Marketing Technologist [INFOGRAPHIC]

By | May 29th, 2014 05.03 AM | View all posts in Infographic

What makes a business thrive? What makes the gear in people’s heads go round and round? Who devises strategies behind the scenes, implements them and it works without a hitch? The answer: The Chief Marketing Technologist Officer (CMTO).

What is a “Chief Marketing Technologist Officer“? A CMTO is a person who is a hybrid between a marketing, IT and strategist personnel all bundled into one. This title is growing in popularity amongst Fortune 500 companies around the world. In fact, according to, 81% of companies now have a solidified CMTO role. Comparatively, this is a huge improvement than last year where there was only 71% of CMTOs available. It is predicted in 2014, there will be another 8% adding to this particular role in the next 24 months!

To better understand the importance of the CMTO role, here are CMTO stats researched by and visualized into a “space-y” infographic!

The Rise of Chief Marketing Technologist_v2

Written data:

– Their mission: To align marketing technology with business goals.
– IT World: They may come from a predominantly IT background or a marketing one, but they are credible on both dimensions.
– Marketing World: They serve the mission of smartly applying technology in the pursuit of brilliantly effective marketing.


– 67% align marketing technology with business goals
– 65% facilitate projects & communications b/w marketing and internal IT
– 63% Select, evaluate and choose marketing technology providers
– 59% prioritize funding for marketing technologies
– 50% craft technology-enabled digital business models
– 81% of Organizations now have the equivalent of a Chief Marketing Technologist.
– Companies with Chief Marketing Technologist are spending 2x more on innovation in marketing, pilot projects and experimentations

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