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Research suggest that it is possible to regain 72% abandoned cart sales within 24 hours. There is no better place to start than Syndacast, where it’s not only about the Retargeting technology but the expertise in the field, and in the end how we help brands to acquire, activate & retain customers.If 2% of your traffic converted on the first visit, it leaves another 98% that could essentially convert as well if you remind them about your product/service. Every time the 98% of visitors see your banner and brand content, the more familiar they become with your brand and it gives them more reason to re-visit your website. They might have been window shopping the first visit, but when they’re ready to make a purchase, having a click-able banner ad on-screen becomes very convenient.

Retargeting has proven to yield higher click rates and increased conversions. A successful retargeting campaign is all about strategies and segmentation. Show the right ad to the right person at the right time and sales is yours for the taking.