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AdBoost is Syndacast’s solution to fill the gaps in digital marketing and ensure a holistic approach for sustainable marketing, with a strong focus on Real Time Bidding platforms that combine audience data with inventory across a billion publishers globally each day.

What is Real-Time Bidding (RTB)? It’s an automated process that allows advertisers to buy advertising on a pay per impression basis.

Why Choose AdBoost?

  • AdBoost Dashboard for you to view your campaigns on the go.
  • Built from the latest technological advances in RTB
  • Features precision audience-centric targeting and profiling
  • Huge data warehouse combined with 3rd party audience data
  • Dynamic ads retargeting available
  • Supports rich media banners, iab and native creatives
  • In-depth path to conversion and attribution modeling
  • Holistic marketing approach with an all in one report and attribution modelling