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“Voices of SYNDACAST” – Panadda Roongruangratanakul on Social Media in Thailand

By | Sep 23rd, 2015 10.37 AM | View all posts in Digital Marketing

Voices of Syndacast - Panadda R.

At Syndacast, we feature a colorful spectrum of individuals from across the nation and international borders to be a part of our growing community. Everybody at Syndacast is unique and excels in what they do best. We possess a handful of talented digital marketers, programmers, graphic designers, sales, client services personnel, and knowledgeable online marketing gurus. Our digital family continues to expand, welcoming newcomers into the realm of online marketing.

Our newest addition to Syndacast’s Content and Optimization Team is Panadda Roongruangratanakul (Namtan). Being new to the digital forefront, we asked Namtan about what is the importance of social media, why she uses it and offers insightful predictions on what’s next on the social media front in Thailand.

Today, most people around the world possess more than one smart device, whether it’s in the form of a smartphone, tablet, or phablet. Needless to say, each of these devices features pre-installed social media apps for users to use to stay connected with friends, family, and work. The reasons why people use social media vary from person to person and most interestingly, each person has their purpose why they use social media in the first place. more

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Syndacast Welcome Delegates from Thai-China International Mobile Application and Game Conference

By | Jul 14th, 2014 04.35 AM | View all posts in News and Updates

On July 4th 2014, Syndacast is selected by Market Enabling Division, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand to welcome delegates from Thai-China International Mobile Application and Game Conference.

Delegates are invited by China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC), China-ASEAN Mobile Internet(Mobile Game) Technology Transfer Industry Alliance(CAMIA).

The visit to Syndacast’s offices by the delegates is an honored privilege, as we are one of the many digital marketing companies with presence in Thailand.  The meeting discussion centered on opportunities in Thailand for Chinese Mobile and Software Enterprises, as well as to explore Syndacast’s proprietary technology: AdBoost.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2


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Internet Usage Statistics 2014

By | Apr 11th, 2014 07.56 AM | View all posts in Infographic

Online business in South East Asia? These stats for Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia might be useful for you.

2014 internet penetration statistics 2

-Population: 5,460,302
-Internet Penetration: 73%
-Internet Users: 3,971,3188
-Mobile Internet Penetration: 64%
-Average time spent using mobile internet: 1 hour 57 minutes per day

-Population: 67,448,120
-Internet Penetration: 26%
-Internet Users: 17,770,139
-Mobile Internet Penetration: 24%
-Average time spent using mobile internet: 5 hours 7 minutes per day

-Population: 25,160,124
-Internet Penetration: 15%
-Internet Users: 38,191,873
-Mobile Internet Penetration: 24%
-Average time spent using mobile internet: 5 hours 7 minutes per day

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