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10 Faces of Syndacast with 10 Digital Marketing Tips

By | May 16th, 2014 08.00 AM | View all posts in Videos

We’re proud to present to you the “10 Faces of Syndacast with 10 Digital Marketing Tips“. We’ve compiled a list of individuals, each a specialist in their own field to give you must-know 10 digital marketing tips for any online marketer.

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Once Upon A Time in Content Marketing Land [INFOGRAPHIC]

By | May 8th, 2014 03.36 AM | View all posts in Infographic

Content Marketing, a form of marketing that builds your brand with the use of effective, high-quality written content to connect your brand with customers and boosts engagement. Content Marketing comes in many forms: Articles, infographics, podcasts, powerpoint presentations (slideshare), guest blogs, blogging and a whole handful of others. The basis of content marketing is not for the thrill of getting cheap links for a measly amount of link juice, it’s way more than that. Content Marketing is for those who wish to create awareness for their brand, whether they’re doing it online or offline.


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2014 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy Conference

By | Apr 2nd, 2014 10.55 AM | View all posts in News and Updates

Taking place at the InterContinental Bangkok hotel, the 2014 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy welcomed various well-known guest speakers into the conference, discussing key digital marketing key issues. Amongst the guests was Wolfgang Jaegel, presenting the 5 Trends in Modern Search Engine Marketingrevealing conversion optimization strategies and case studies focused on the finance and banking industry.

2014 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy Conference
Wolfgang Jaegel, Syndacast CEO

The conference gathers the brightest minds who are directly exposed to the fast-moving digital technologies, the ability to adapt and revolutionize the mobile industry for business use and how to effectively use social media to connect and engage with customers. Wolfgang Jaegel, an  internet technology and digital marketing veteran with 20 year experience in the niche was invited to the conference to showcase the trends and offer strategic insights to the digital dynamic environment.

Throughout the presentation, Wolfgang touched on various topics including why a responsive web design is imperative for businesses.

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A Huge Success: Thumbsup’s Spark Conference 2014 Sponsored by DTAC, Syndacast and Other Tech Companies

By | Jan 29th, 2014 07.24 AM | View all posts in News and Updates

2013 has been quite a ride for online marketers. The highly volatile search landscape last year brought with it: new opportunities to test out new digital marketing strategies and was a great learning experience.

Thumbsup, a well-known tech professional community in Thailand hosted its 3rd anniversary, the Spark Conference themed: 2013 Year in Review & What’s next in 2014.

It was a privilege for Syndacast to be one of the conference’s sponsor alongside DTAC, TRUE Incube and other tech companies. The conference which took place at Scala Theater, just a block away from the political rallies that is going on in Bangkok, gained a surprisingly large number of participants, up to an estimate of 700+ number of audiences. This is a statement in itself of the growing interest and importance of digital marketing in Thailand and the region.

Speakers at the conference were industry veterans and seasoned digital marketing strategist. The conference successfully provided a big-picture perspective on all events that happened on the digital marketing front in 2013 and what we could expect for 2014 as well as creative and innovative strategies for 2014.

David Meerman Scott Ditigal Citizen Card powered by Syndacast
David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, author of international best selling book in 26 countries “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”.
spark conference3
Our Marketing Director, Khun Chonthicha Sangpan in action


spark conference 7
Participants queue up at our Syndacast booth



spark conference 5
Participants at Spark Conference 2014 presented by thumbsup
spark conference 2
Digital Citizen Card powered by Syndacast
Spark Conference 2014
Conference Speakers in Action

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Travel Daily Media Conference Features Syndacast Guest Speakers on the Changing Digital Landscape

By | Dec 4th, 2013 03.33 AM | View all posts in News and Updates

November 29, 2013 – Bangkok, Thailand

Travel Daily Media is a renowned website among businesses in the travel and tourism industry. The website ( offers visitors with the latest global news, travel-related information, updates, events as well as travel offers. In addition to recent events around the world, the website features special reports and review of hotels, airlines and cruises.

The group founded in 2006 by Gary Marshall, has over the years, exponentially gained the interest of hoteliers and many other businesses in the travel and tourism industry. Today, it is a dominant force in the international online travel trade news coverage, reaching global audiences in across twenty countries.

Besides news coverage, the website offers readers with a multitude of travel-related content including: Digital publications (eMagazines) for selected regions, along with editorial pieces that touch on local controversies, such as the recent piece on Bangkok’s political unrest are also featured on the website’s blog area.

Syndacast, one of the fastest growing, performance-driven digital marketing firms in Asia with a strong focus in the travel industry, joins Travel Daily Media’s yearly seminar in November 2013 as guest speakers. Anthony G. Preece, Strategy Director at Syndacast, shares his insights on the digital scene, including the ‘era of big data’ and the revolution in Digital Media Planning and Buying, in respect to Demand Side Platforms and Data Management Platforms. While the company’s Content and Optimization Director, Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul shares information on responsive web design and the changing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) landscape, referring to topics such as content marketing and Google’s hummingbird algorithm.

Gary Marshall (Managing Director, Publisher & Editor at Travel Daily Media Group) & Anthony Preece (Strategy Director at Syndacast, an Online Performance Marketing Agency)
Gary Marshall (Managing Director, Publisher & Editor at Travel Daily Media Group) & Anthony Preece (Strategy Director at Syndacast, an Online Performance Marketing Agency)

travel media daily group

Recent studies on online activities related to the travel industry suggest that digital channels such as online reviews and hoteliers presence on social media is an essential business factor and will only grow in importance. For instance, it is said that more than 40% of online traffic related to travel queries now comes from mobile devices, including tablets, confirming the important shift taking place from desktop to non-desktop devices (Source: HeBS Digital), 44% of travelers use their smartphone to research travel while they’re traveling (Source: JiWire Report), typical travel shopper will visit 22 websites in “multiple shopping sessions” before booking a trip (Source: Atmosphere Research Group), and 65% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they have decided where or how to travel (Source: Ipsos MediaCT).

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Khun Thitapa Pituksang (Lexy) – On Core Values

By | Nov 26th, 2013 10.30 AM | View all posts in Featured

Bringing you this week is a video, highlighting Syndacast’s very own Regional HR Director, Miss. Thitapa Pituksang or Lexy for short. In charge of all things administrative and official in the company, Lexy in charge of conducting interviews to find the right people for the right job at Syndacast.

Hiring anybody and everybody isn’t necessarily an easy task when there’s people searching for jobs everywhere. Those who come to Syndacast are carefully selected, to ensure both employee and company go along hand-in-hand. Thus, to better understand the selection process, Lexy is put under the spotlight to highlight what she looks in potential candidates! Lexy break downs qualities she looks for in potential candidates as well as how they [the candidate] will model themselves in many months’ time.

These are the 4 crucial elements Lexy looks for:

– The People
– Agility
– Technology
– Predictable Results

Jot down these qualities, job seeker as she may be talking to you, the newest person to be added (and welcomed) to the Syndacast family!

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Chief Operating Officer, Michael Brockett on the Future of Marketing

By | Nov 4th, 2013 03.47 AM | View all posts in Marketing

In this video, Syndacast’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Brockett discusses why digital marketing is the future of marketing.

The #1 reason being the fact that digital marketing is Measurable. See the full video here:

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What’s the Future of Online Marketing in 2014? Predictions and Projections.

By | Oct 25th, 2013 03.56 AM | View all posts in Tips & Tricks

Online marketing will only get bigger and better in 2014. This year we saw many changes, new tools and new perspectives brought into play. All of these have built a foundation for digital marketing in the year 2014 and beyond. First of all, analytics have become more advanced and now comes in many different forms, such as video tracking, scroll and heat maps. Video analytics have also made an appearance while social analytics have developed beyond imagination.

digital marketing future

First and foremost, it’s unquestionable that “MOBILE” will be more than big, it will be huge. Why? The largest search engine has just replaced its algorithm with hummingbird, a contextual search algorithm which caters to mobile and tablet users. If Google themselves are putting in effort to please mobile users, is it not a sign that there is something definitely going on there? Do get ready for the small screen because mobile is definitely coming. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly yet, high time to look into website usability on mobile.


Now if mobile is to be big, everything on your website will shrink. Small screens means less display space, means less area to put your message across, means less user patience and tolerance towards anything that’s unclear.

Thus, our next prediction: “LESS MEANS MORE”. On mobiles, you don’t want to cramp lots of content into the small screen and leave it to your readers to pinch away on their mobile touch screens. It just doesn’t work that way. Are we saying Simple is Better just because of mobile. Nope. Actually, if you think about it, life is becoming more of a rush-rush battle with time. Your audience just doesn’t have the luxury of time to go through long ad text or play Where’s Wally to find your call-to-actions. Online marketing in terms of content will be about simple, clear, concise and strong messages/communication. On the web design and development front, this means the move towards minimalist design and responsive websites.

keep it simple wally

Which comes to our 3rd point: “CONTENT MARKETING” will gain even more recognition. Consumers are smart and with increasingly easy access to the Internet and free Wi-Fi almost everywhere you go, not to mention the fact that mobile service providers are packing together carrier service with data services, more and more people will rely on online search to find information. The increase in consumer’s demand for easy and quick access to relevant information is already happening and will probably amplify even more in 2014 and beyond. If you have kept a close examination on search this year, you’ll have noticed that Google has been making its search results more and more content based; pulling information from Wikipedia, Google+ accounts and what not. If the big players already see the need to move in that direction, it’s not something we should be taking lightly.

content marketing

Now when we talk about marketing (offline or online, doesn’t really matter) advertising will always be present. So far we’ve said content, simplicity of messages and mobile will gain a lot of interest moving forward. What about Ads? It goes without saying that banner and “DISPLAY ADVERTISING” will continue to be a huge part of online marketing and the tools will only get better and more sophisticated in 2014.

Already this year we saw many activities happening on that front, such as Google’s AdWords Dynamic Retargeting for retailers that was released sometime June 2013, twitter’s new ad retargeting exchange and the developments on Facebook Exchange (FBX). Then there was Google’s DoubleClick recent addition that enables users to buy retargeted ads on Facebook. So when we say online advertising will only get better, what do we actually mean? Retargeting. “AD RETARGETING” is the key for better conversion rates; which means with the same advertising budget, opting for ad retargeting means the chance to get more sales and hence lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

ad retargeting

Finally, a growing part of online marketing we simply cannot leave out: “SOCIAL MEDIA”. Over the years, social media has changed quite a lot. Friendster ( if anyone still remember what it is) revamped itself into something else entirely, Zynga Facebook games has seen its own rise and fall while we see a shift from activities on social bookmarking sites such as Digg to information-based social networks such as LinkedIn and Google Plus. Let’s also not forget China’s own network of social websites such as Weibo and Renren. Our take? Facebook will continue to dominate the area with Google Plus and LinkedIn following close behind. Other contenders to keep in mind are Twitter and Pinterest.

social media marketing

So what’s our summary for 2014? Online marketing is growing in many directions and quickly becoming an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign. Areas we feel will gain even more recognition and should be stressed are mobile, content marketing, ad retargeting and social media, while the overall trend is a shift towards “Less Means More”.

Keep it simple folks…

Image sources:,,,,,

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What is Adboost?

By | Oct 22nd, 2013 10.00 AM | View all posts in Technology & Innovation

So what is AdBoost?

The Short Answer: Syndacast’s powerful proprietary RTB Display Advertising solution.

Syndacast Adboost Numbers

If you’re new to RTB Display Advertising, learn more about the technology and how it could help your business from our fast track guides to RTB Display Advertising, DSP and DMP.

The Long Answer:

AdBoost is Syndacast’s proprietary technology that makes precise, accurate and cost-effective digital advertising possible for your business. AdBoost helps you allocate your advertising budget to target the right audience and optimize so that you get the most out of your investment.

AdBoost is built on four unique and powerful components: Data Management Platform, DSP RTB Solution, Optimization Engine and AdBoost’s Dashboard. With this technology, what you’re looking at is access to 37 billion impressions daily, inventory in 40+ countries, 800 million unique url’s each day and bid calculations at 40ms or less.

Syndacast AdBoost

Most importantly, AdBoost exploits pioneering targeting technology to pinpoint specific audiences as well as specific sites and content types. Not 1 impression is wasted.

Syndacast AdBoost Targeting

And this is just a small peak into AdBoost. To learn how the entire system works in detail leading to precision targeting, download our full AdBoost fact sheet here. Or, prefer to learn directly from us? Feel free to contact us anytime.

Download AdBoost Fact Sheet

P.S. AdBoost is an all-in-one solution for display advertising. So if that is what you are looking for, you are at the right place. Simply drop us an email and we’ll walk you through the system.

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Declassifying Google’s Hummingbird Infographic [INFOGRAPHIC]

By | Oct 20th, 2013 09.38 AM | View all posts in Infographic

Google’s famous hummingbird algorithm officially rolled out this past September 27, 2013 which meant a whole of changes were coming to the SEO world. Many speculated if hummingbird was going to affect their rankings which have been in good standing even after the Penguin and Panda updates rolled out way back when. Many theories buzzed through SEO communities about its impacts but nobody could truly identify what hummingbird really did. Was it a just a cute name masking something big from Google? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s too early to pinpoint hummingbird’s real intention.

To non-SEO specialists (like you or me), the new algorithm makes searching a whole lot easier; results are pulled from websites and displayed on the front page in forms of interactive graphs, sliding image galleries or even showcasing music and videos. Life became simpler. Search queries although not exclusively keyword based, were showing results related to the search query regardless if it had the exact match keywords or not.

To better understand what this is or better known as Conversational Search/Query Search, here’s a breakdown of hummingbird in the form of cute birds in our very own Hummingbird infographic!

Declassifying Google's Hummingbird

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