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Khun Thitapa Pituksang (Lexy) – On Core Values

By | Nov 26th, 2013 10.30 AM | View all posts in Featured

Bringing you this week is a video, highlighting Syndacast’s very own Regional HR Director, Miss. Thitapa Pituksang or Lexy for short. In charge of all things administrative and official in the company, Lexy in charge of conducting interviews to find the right people for the right job at Syndacast.

Hiring anybody and everybody isn’t necessarily an easy task when there’s people searching for jobs everywhere. Those who come to Syndacast are carefully selected, to ensure both employee and company go along hand-in-hand. Thus, to better understand the selection process, Lexy is put under the spotlight to highlight what she looks in potential candidates! Lexy break downs qualities she looks for in potential candidates as well as how they [the candidate] will model themselves in many months’ time.

These are the 4 crucial elements Lexy looks for:

– The People
– Agility
– Technology
– Predictable Results

Jot down these qualities, job seeker as she may be talking to you, the newest person to be added (and welcomed) to the Syndacast family!

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A Note from our Chief Operating Officer

By | May 23rd, 2013 01.55 AM | View all posts in News and Updates


Michael Brockett

Syndacast as it is today is made up of individuals of diverse talents from around the world working together to deliver excellent results. I believe the company has a tremendous potential to continuously reinvent itself in order to successfully take on the various challenges put forth in the realms of digital marketing.

Besides our people, a rapid adoption of technological advancement is a crucial component that enables us to offer in-depth analysis of projects our clients entrust us with. Syndacast is, in a sense, a digital marketing hub where all the action happens between concept and actualization. It is a great pleasure and opportunity to lead Syndacast’s pool of unique talents in a fast-paced environment where results and delivery truly matters.

Mr. Michael Brockett

Chief Operating Officer

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Our Chief Marketing Officer on What Syndacast is All About

By | 01.53 AM | View all posts in News and Updates


Doy Moreau

If I were to sum up what we do here at Syndacast in 3 words, those would be ‘Online Performance Marketing’. With that said, the team here is not only about measurable results, KPIs and benchmarks but we are highly aware of clients’ investments and treat ROIs as a direct reflection of our capabilities. As a Google Certified agency, our platform supports real-time bidding and allows us to directly serve display advertising to over 30 million websites worldwide.

Having had the privilege to work with high profile brands and their regional headquarters in a variety of industries, namely travel and tourism, we have an immaculate reputation to live up to. I believe it is our mindset and values that made it possible for us to tackle all sorts of challenges.

The client service team is made up of mix backgrounds and cultures of locals and expats. With experience on both the agency and client-side of businesses, Syndacast’s Client Service team has the flexibility to grasp how enterprise-level clients function and how to successfully bring large-scale projects to completion. Over time, the Client Services and Strategy teams developed their own personality, whereby a performance-driven mindset, determination and dedication towards each individual client portfolio stands out.

Mr. Doy Moreau

Chief Marketing Officer

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