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5 Smart Business Trends to Ensure Success in Online Marketing

By | Jul 22nd, 2013 10.17 AM | View all posts in Tips & Tricks

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when starting off small business to eventually transform into a well-established business via online marketing. These are the top 5 strategies that work quite well, when properly adapted and executed.

Targeting the Right Audience
A successful business depends on how well it advertises itself. What services does it offer? Does it use social media marketing, television, radios or traditional newspaper printing? Can the business be contacted directly or do customers need to go through a help line first? Are the words on the adverts catchy, directly to the point and easy to understand?

It’s extremely important to keep in mind who is your target audience: Children, teenagers, young adults, adults or seniors. Make the advert appeal to them and convince them that yes, your service is what these people want. You promised to deliver, here’s how.

Using the Right Services
Services such as Google Analytics and Piwik are great tools to utilize to monitor stats and give a detailed analysis of the customer’s interaction with your website. Tools such as Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter are easy to use, simply for the fact you can customize it to your needs. These two services are in charge of displaying appropriate ads on the first page of the search engines according to the keyword with the highest bid. The great thing about these two services is they each contain a free, downloadable program to create ads offline and upload it when ready.

However, keep in mind using this type of services does require online marketing know-how. To produce efficient ads, there are professional services who can develop these ads for you. Seek out an Adwords Certified Individual or in other words, a PPC Adwords Specialist.

The installation of Google Analytics is a great way to measure the success of your website; the service demonstrates graphics, Pay Per Click stats, impressions, conversions, keyword optimization and the list goes on. It’s a good service to measure the success of your online business.

Applying Appropriate Methodologies
One must think: What types of keywords will customers use in order to find your page? People, when searching for something will try out a myriad of keywords to find the page with the results they want. If your business is optimized for those keywords, chances are, more customers will land on your page. If the content offered is exactly what they want to read, it reduces bounce rates and in other aspects, drive traffic.

The lower the bounce rate, the better.

In fact, it’s also important to view which landing pages do customers tend to land on. It makes perfect sense to enhance a couple of landing pages, providing new content or at least, fresh updated content.

It’s just that simple: Provide customers with the content they need prompting them to return to your page. Does your content explain in plain print what your business sets to achieve? How will your business stand out in your niche? Is everything on your website easy to find? Translate all of this into writing good, original content so your target audience can be certain this is the service for them. It’s okay to boast your services but over doing it by adding flashy graphics is an instant turn-off. It’s recommended to focus on the ‘power of words’, not graphics.

Google scans your website for usable content that coincides with keywords searched by the customer.

Keeping in Mind the Algorithms
For any online business, one of the things that is most feared is the constant fluctuation of Google’s Algorithms. One day your page may be doing well in terms of rank and two weeks later, your page falls onto the fifth page. What happened? Over optimization of keywords, buying links, poor page rank are some of the factors which may contribute to this. Of course, it’s in no way definitive since there are other unnamed factors at play. In actuality, there’s nothing to fear; its Google doing its job of limiting and removing spam websites from their search engine.

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Bing Ads Platform Integrated With Window 8.1 Smart Search

By | Jul 3rd, 2013 07.48 AM | View all posts in Technology & Innovation

Bing has just announced the integration of its ad platform with Windows 8.1 Smart Search. What’s Smart Search? It’s a feature that comes with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 that lets users do a global search across the Web, apps, devices and cloud for a single query. From the user experience, it’s one query for results across the board.

The integration is said to give Bing and Yahoo search network a boost with increased search and click volume. In terms of numbers, according to Microsoft, they have sold over 100 million Windows 8 licenses. The ad results would also include previews of advertisers’ websites as well as the usual site links and extensions. This is a bit like the website preview in search results which Google had running for a while.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Smart Search

The integration required no additional input from current Bing advertisers. According to David Pann, the General Manager of Microsoft Advertising Search Group, the integration is an example of the direction Microsoft is approaching the evolution of Search. In other words, the company is positioning Bing so that it’s not just a search engine but a centralized service from its partnership with Facebook, Apple and Yahoo that gets integrated with the Windows operating system for enhanced user experience.

We have yet to see how the search volume develops for Bing/Yahoo network advertisers following the integration and whether the ability to showcase products and offerings directly within the Windows interface would attract new advertisers. See the official announcement here.


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