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Why develop your website and do website optimization for search separately when you can do them all in one go? Having a responsive website goes a long way in terms of helping your website to rank in Google search results and other search engines.

Front-end Development

The line between enhanced user-experience and discoverability is very thin. Good website development takes into consideration web functionalities, features, appearance and design as well as SEO, and effectively balances these two objectives.

Responsive Web Design

Having a website that loads fast and operates seamlessly on mobile devices goes a long way to ensure that your website will rank.

SEO Friendly

Website development is no longer only about having an online presence but optimizing throughout the development phase such as using data structures, schemas, sitemaps and CSS grouping for better load time. Ultimately, having a strong and well-optimized website is the first stepping stone for SEO as well.

Content Management System (CMS)

Syndacast web development comes with an administration page where you can update your content and add new images and videos on the go; as easy as using a word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word).

Having a high traffic website does not always means you have maximized your sales if conversion rates are low. If you’ve achieved your traffic targets, it’s now the job of your website to ensure that incoming traffic converts. Syndacast’s web development takes into account how the final result impacts web audience. This starts from the design phase whereby our highly skilled designers ensure that their designs are not only visually appealing but also plans out how each element would interact with the users. UI and UX design (user experience design) is considered a must-have best practice. Get in touch with us to learn more what it’s about.

Best practice web development today is not only about user experience, usability, being mobile friendly and SEO-based, but should come with a back-end application for webmasters to manage your website. Whether it’s simply updating your content, product description or uploading new product prices and integrating with payment gateways, Syndacast’s team of highly experienced developers ensure best practice back-end development for your website. Find out more what this means for your corporate and e-commerce websites.