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Never ever stop testing. That is essentially what marketing your business and product has always been about. It is no different in the online world. Whether it’s your campaigns, email marketing and what not, always perform at the very least A/B tests.

Ultimately, it’s your landing page which should also be optimized to increase conversion rates. Website testing has developed far and beyond simple A/B tests and reading analytics data. More advance tests such as multivariate testing, visual heat maps, scroll maps, form testing and capturing live videos of how your visitors interact with your website quickly gain importance.

The power of the practice of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has on may occasions been underestimated. When you have exhausted all the possible channels to drive in traffic, how do you increase your sales and revenue with the same amount of traffic? That would be via optimizing your landing page for improved user experience; essentially it is to optimize your traffic’s conversion rates.