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Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

By | Apr 1st, 2015 05.21 AM | View all posts in Blog

Each year on April 1st, companies will do their absolute best to fool us into believing false news or developing games for people to play. This year, Google Maps delivered hilarity on a retro scale. This year, Google brought us Pac-Man, the famous chomping game from the 1980’s.

Pacman on Google Maps
Pacman on Google Maps

Instead of the box-like arena present in the original Pac-Man, Google Maps used real streets and roads as the arena. Although, in respect, it can be quite challenging maneuvering around tight corners or roundabouts but veteran Pac-Man specialists should have no issues winning the game with ease.

Pacman Instructions
Pacman Instructions

Before playing the game, make sure the area is compatible! Not all streets and roads in the world are best suited for the game. The best cities to play Pac-Man are cities with numerous parallel streets, crisscrossing each other like blocks.

If players feel lazy to locate an actual place, click on “I’m feeling lucky” to be transported to another place!

The game’s quite simple; players will start off with five lives. Use the directional buttons on the keyboard to maneuver Pac-Man through the roads and avoid ghosts. Traverse through roads and streets and pick up fruity-flavored powerups and hunt ghosts!

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