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Media Plan Brief Form
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 Including Management fee
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As you might have some objectives already, please pick the below channels that you feel most suitable:

Awareness (high reach, recommended for new brands or new products or long-term sustainability):
 Prospecting Display Ad
 Generic KW Search (PPC)
 Facebook/IG Ad
 Youtube TrueView Ad
 Party Publisher Placement
 Mobile Native Ad

Pure Traffic (optimize for low-cost clicks, you need to have a website/landing page):
 Mobile Native Ad
 Facebook/IG AdPlacement

Onsite Conversion/Performance (low reach, gain conversions, need to track properly):
 Display Ad (Retargeting focused)
 Brand KW Search (PPC)
 Facebook/IG Ad

Lead Generation via Facebook Form (need Facebook page advertiser/editor access):
 Facebook Lead Generation Ad

Increase Fan Base for Facebook Page (need Facebook page advertiser/editor access):
 Facebook Page Like Ad

Other Services:
 Creative Design (on/offline)
 Website/Web Page Development
 Low-Cost App Installs
 Click to App-Install Ad
Please note:
1. Search Marketing (PPC) can only be included as a part of a marketing campaign (maximum 50% of total budget).
2. We might still research and propose some other channels that are more suitable for your objective based on the full information of this briefing form.
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Optional, for conversion/performance campaign: