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Instagram Ads: Redefining the Parameters of Non-intrusive Advertising

What’s so compelling about advertising on Instagram? The action points are exactly as what you would do with a friend’s organic post! Instagram ads are essentially the typical Instagram photos and videos that seamlessly get displayed right there in your feed. For a while now, marketers have been talking about native advertising (aka. non-intrusive ads); Instagram is probably the most non-intrusive advertising option out there. The only difference is a small ‘sponsored’ mark at the top right-hand corner of the advertisement.

instagram header

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SEO Tips: Did You Know These Search Ranking Factors?

By | Sep 21st, 2015 08.12 AM | View all posts in Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks

When we talk about SEO and search rankings, we tend to zoom into the topic of link building and content marketing, while in fact there are other important factors to consider as well.

In this article, let’s take a look at 3 highly significant search ranking factors that frequently gets overlooked.

seo ranking factor

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The Big 7 Psychology of Online Marketing

Consumer Psychology is a big topic when it comes to marketing. We’ve all known that for years. However, when it comes to execution, it’s usually the case of ‘easier said than done’.

psychology of online marketing

This article isn’t going to be a ramble about the theories of psychology and marketing concepts but to give you step-by-step guidelines on execution for online marketing. For those who are unsure where to begin….start here.

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Leveraging User-Generated Content: A Case Study of Brands

There is no question that eye-catching and interesting content is becoming more important and will continue to be so for many years to come. Why? As consumers become more accustomed to marketing materials, and could easily spot one right away, content created solely for marketing purposes quickly become less and less effective.

Today’s marketers should really be about finding a way to engage and interact with consumers on a person-to-person basis, and what better way to do so than via user-generated content? In reality, this is much easier said than done. If you were to add a simple open question to the end of your blog post such as, “well what do you think?” to prompt comments, you’ll quickly find that it doesn’t work and you’re back at square one.

An entire marketing campaign strategy and a team of marketers are nevertheless needed for a successful user-generated content approach. Here are a few successful case studies by 5 brands to get you started.


As simple as it may sound here, this particular Starbucks campaign was a huge success. The brand not only successfully engaged fans but ended up with some very visual appealing user-generated content when they launched the Starbucks’s White Cup Contest. The campaign was a contest that asked participants to paint Starbucks’s white cups, take a photo of their artwork and submit the photos to the brand’s social media page using the hashtag #WhiteCupContest. The result are wonderful visuals for Starbucks’s Facebook and Pinterest pages as well as an increase in their social media organic reach.

starbucks white cup

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[Infographic] 2015 Digital Marketing Trends – What Opportunities Lie Ahead

By | Dec 9th, 2014 07.51 AM | View all posts in Digital Advertising Infographic Tips & Tricks

Mobile has been in limelight as the next big thing for the past few years. And to a certain extend, it more or less has. Fact is, the mobile marketing umbrella is huge! From geo-targeting to in-app advertisements, responsive designs and the list goes on. So will 2015 be yet another year for mobile? See the full 2015 Digital Marketing Trends infographic by Syndacast here to see how Mobile Marketing will play out, as well as other notable trends.

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

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Google Voice Search Users and How They Use it

By | Oct 29th, 2014 11.12 AM | View all posts in Blog Infographic Tips & Tricks

Did you know you can search Google using your voice? For some it might be something new but for some its old news. This function was introduced back in June 2011 and only is supported in Google Chrome. Here’s a quick video on how to use the function.

Google’s Mobile Voice Study (Northstar Research) recently conducted a survey amongst 1,400 Americans across all age groups through an infographic which clearly shows who uses the voice function where and how they use it exactly.

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Page Blocks and Increased Importance of Link Distribution

By | Sep 9th, 2014 03.06 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates Tips & Tricks

We all know Google get’s smarter and smarter by the second. Doing a quick search on LinkedIn for keyword ‘engineer’ and company ‘Google’ gives you an approximate employee count of 23,814. This is not the exact number of employees but just a fun estimate using the LinkedIn search function.

Page blocks basically refers to the different sections of your website. Below is an image depicting how a normal website could look like and how the a webpage could potentially be broken down into. This is very important as Google is getting better at recognizing the purpose for each block.

Google Website Blocks

(image credit:

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The Social Media Algorithm

Isn’t it almost always the case that when we refer to the term ‘algorithm’ in digital marketing context, we’re thinking search engines? This is because search is so important for our brand’s organic visibility. However, with increasing emphasis on Social Media as a powerful online marketing channel, let’s spend some time exploring the social media algorithms.

Social media is much more complex than what we might see on the surface. Perhaps it’s because of the less serious facade that happens on social media channels; the fun-oriented and entertaining content featured. Fact is, each social media channel has its own algorithm, which determines how frequently and vast your content gets shared.

Let’s start with EdgeRank; the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine which piece of content to display on individual users’ news feed. Just like there are tools to check your SEO scoring on Google, there are tools to check your EdgeRank. EdgeRank is made up of three important factors which involves a handful of sub-factors: Affinity Score, Weight and Time.

Facebook Algorithm EdgeRank

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Innovative Ways to Create Content that Matters

By | Aug 20th, 2014 07.28 AM | View all posts in Blog Tips & Tricks

Let’s play a game: In the next 10 seconds, think of your next thought-leadership topic. Get set… Go!

Stuck? Don’t worry, that’s expected. As with any writer, coming up with new things to write is challenging considering if you have deadlines or quotas to achieve. It’s well-known that coming up with a new ground-breaking topic or putting a new spin on an existent idea is difficult. You’d question yourself: What can you bring to the table that will hook your readers and be heard? As a writer myself, looking for things to write about is problematic. It’s certainly more difficult than choosing what I want to eat for lunch!

As a writer, I do a lot of reading. I read articles that are professionally written by master pensmen and women. I read articles that target humor with a pinch of crudeness in them. Every author has their voice reflected into their writing piece. The more I read, the more ideas I get. I begin to question things and put “What if”-type questions in front of them.

Here are some suggestions to help you get on track with writing your next outstanding piece!

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Do You Know ZMOT? You Should.

By | Jul 31st, 2014 03.07 AM | View all posts in Digital Marketing Marketing Tips & Tricks Videos

ZMOT which stands for “Zero Moment of Truth” is more than just a buzzword, it is a theory coined by Google which has been around for a few years. In marketing world, there are a lot of theories and concepts, some of the common ones are those like SMART Goals, SWOT Analysis, the 5Ps and 5Ms. Now, if you as a digital marketer is not familiar with ZMOT, perhaps it’s time to brush up on some digital marketing theories and concepts.

Let’s start from the very beginning…….

In 2005, A.G. Lafley, the CEO of Procter & Gamble brought about the “First Moment of Truth” (FMOT) which supposedly occurs at store shelves, when consumers contemplate between two brands; which to buy over the other. This marked the beginning of studies on what influences buyer’s decisions. So is the ZMOT theory the online counterpart of FMOT? Somewhat. Let’s see how.

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