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Facebook Overtakes Google in Referral Traffic

While 2014 marked an important milestone when mobile internet browsing exceeded desktop, 2015 marks the time when social media referral overtakes search engine referrals (i.e. Facebook and Google).

Facebook Google Traffic Comparison

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Be In Twitter to Be In Google

By | May 22nd, 2015 04.11 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates

It’s official. The recent Google-Twitter partnership is sealed and it means Google has now regained access to Twitter’s Firehose; Twitter’s stream of tweets. Firing at 9,000 tweets per second, Firehose is about global real-time data.

For search marketers, we’ve seen the recent launch of the ‘In the News’ box that now appears in Google’s first page search. With the recent Google-Twitter partnership, it is quite clear in which direction Google is going: real-time, up-to-date data.

Google In the News BoxMoreover, Google now has direct access to that data without having to crawl and index each tweet, significantly cutting down on the lead time before a new tweet starts to show in search.

For digital marketers, the partnership has just further emphasized the growing importance of social media marketing. Perhaps with this partnership, having more and regular content on Twitter might mean better ranking and visibility?

Truth be told, this is not the first partnership between the two giants. The first one sizzled back in 2011. So why attempt another partnership? The difference really is that this time, the playing field has altered. Facebook has surpassed Twitter by far, while Google’s ultimate goal is to speed up search (The Ten Things We Know to Be True). It really is a win-win situation that may have considerable impact.

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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm to Roll Out this April

By | Apr 6th, 2015 10.13 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates

Google’s next major search update deeply focuses on delivering quality “mobile-friendly” search result rankings. The update is expected to be larger than previous Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

Mobile-Friendly Matters

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Native Advertising: What Yahoo Discovered.

yahoo native advertising

As part of its growth strategy, Yahoo is heavily emphasizing native advertising via its Gemini platform. According to Yahoo, Gemini is the first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising.

If you were wondering how well native advertising might perform, these numbers from Yahoo may shed some light.

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Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Labels in Search Results

By | Nov 21st, 2014 03.07 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates

Moving into the year 2015, we now have even more reason to create more mobile friend websites.

Google has been testing how to display ‘mobile-friendly’ and ‘not mobile-friendly’ icons during the past few month

mobile friendly icon display
But from their latest post, it seems they are not going with an icon but a text label instead in-front of the website description. This is how it will look like.

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Emojis Officially a Search Term!

By | Oct 31st, 2014 06.30 AM | View all posts in Friday Fun News and Updates Search Engine Optimization

Bing has just made it possible for search users to use Emojis (smileys) as search terms! Is that possible? Yes it is and you can check how it works on Bing already.

On October 27, 2014, this officially became possible. According to the company:

“With the explosion of mobile devices and the ubiquity of texting, it has become a shorthand language used by billions of us around the world,” wrote Nick Roberts, senior program manager at Bing Relevance & Intent, in a blog post. “We want you to be able to search the same way you communicate every day.”

Search works perfectly alright if you were to use a single emoji or in combination with other keywords and terms.

Here’s some screencaps of how emoji search would appear:

emoji 1

emoji 2

emoji 3

emoji 4



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Page Blocks and Increased Importance of Link Distribution

By | Sep 9th, 2014 03.06 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates Tips & Tricks

We all know Google get’s smarter and smarter by the second. Doing a quick search on LinkedIn for keyword ‘engineer’ and company ‘Google’ gives you an approximate employee count of 23,814. This is not the exact number of employees but just a fun estimate using the LinkedIn search function.

Page blocks basically refers to the different sections of your website. Below is an image depicting how a normal website could look like and how the a webpage could potentially be broken down into. This is very important as Google is getting better at recognizing the purpose for each block.

Google Website Blocks

(image credit:

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Syndacast Welcome Delegates from Thai-China International Mobile Application and Game Conference

By | Jul 14th, 2014 04.35 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates

On July 4th 2014, Syndacast is selected by Market Enabling Division, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand to welcome delegates from Thai-China International Mobile Application and Game Conference.

Delegates are invited by China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC), China-ASEAN Mobile Internet(Mobile Game) Technology Transfer Industry Alliance(CAMIA).

The visit to Syndacast’s offices by the delegates is an honored privilege, as we are one of the many digital marketing companies with presence in Thailand.  The meeting discussion centered on opportunities in Thailand for Chinese Mobile and Software Enterprises, as well as to explore Syndacast’s proprietary technology: AdBoost.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2


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Syndacast’s Digital Marketing Team SEA Welcomes New Members!

By | Jun 12th, 2014 03.56 AM | View all posts in Blog News and Updates

This first half of June 2014, we extend a warm welcome to new members who have recently joined the team at our Bangkok office.

Nicha Trongtorsak

Khun Nicha Trongtorsak joins Syndacast as Head of Design. With fifteen years of experience in design and content creatives, it is a privilege for us to have Khun Nicha to lead our creative team. Besides having a strong and solid background in all areas of design, Khun Nicha has strong knowledge of Technology and Digital Marketing. She completed her studies in Information Technology Management and Systems. She is always interested in creating new design that is both visually appealing and supports usability.

Khun Nicha loves photography. She use to do a lot of photography which caught the attention of GMM (a well known brand in Thailand’s entertainment and media industry) and was invited do photo coverage of large concert events which got featured in all of the brand’s marketing use. After becoming a mother, Nicha spends more of her time taking care of her beloved baby. She continues photography as a hobby during her personal time. Her passion is in web design, followed by new technologies. New trendy designs are what really makes her day.

Jonathan Ive is her role model; confident yet still humble: Design is a word that’s come to mean so much that it’s also a word that has come to mean nothing.”

Patara Patma-Yothin

Khun Patara Patma-Yothin joins Syndacast as Digital Project Manager. She has taken several roles in online marketing for the past four years. Khun Patara completed her studies in Information and Communication Technology. She is open to learning new things which has also landed her multiple roles in Digital Marketing from coding, SEO, handling Google campaigns to creative design. Khun Patara loves traveling, the arts and photography. With her wide range of interest, she also plays a lot of sports and music such as badminton and playing music on her guitar.


Khun Kamala Thanopajai joins Syndacast as PA & Administrator. She has completed her degree in Bachelors of Arts (English Major) and has experience in the field of administration and secretarial service. Khun Kamala loves traveling and is interested in beauty and fashion-related topics.

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Google Rolled-out Panda 4.0

By | May 26th, 2014 07.10 AM | View all posts in News and Updates Search Engine Optimization

Google launched its latest Panda update! Incase you didn’t know yet. Earlier last week, Google’s Panda 4.0 went live. What was the update about? In short, it was to filter out websites with lots of low quality content out of the 1st page search results. Panda 4.0 is not just a data refresh; it’s in fact a major update that changes how the algorithm identifies websites.

Panda was first made its appearance in February 2011 and has had multiple updates since. Panda 4.0 has since shown more or less impact for about 7.5% of queries in English. This is considered high and to a degree whereby the regular user might notice the difference. How Panda effects other languages differs depending on the individual landscapes.

See Matt Cutt’s original tweet about the update:

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