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Narisa Perngmark

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“Everyone can write, but not everyone can write.” Narisa Perngmark, a proud gamer, blogger and writing aficionado has been with Syndacast since July 2013. Outgoing, outspoken, dorky and slightly obsessed with videogames and writing a little too much, Narisa’s downtime is spent on blogging or catching up with the latest game news and releases. In a nutshell, Narisa aims to evolve into an established writer for all media platforms and when the day comes, become an author of some book of sorts. Connect with her at Google+ and Twitter.

Posts by Narisa

What is Content Amplification?

By | Oct 10th, 2016 06.00 PM | View all posts in

Have you heard the term called content amplification? Content amplification is a term used to define ways content can be amplified, using specific channels online. Below are several websites or channels you can use to distribute your content to reach your audience. Let’s take a look at the conventional channels people use to amplify their content.

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Syndacast SUPERHERO Christmas Party 2015!

By | Dec 25th, 2015 01.24 AM | View all posts in

What a great way to end 2015 by celebrating Syndacast’s ultra awesome costume-themed superheroes party! To end the year, we voted to end the year with something… quirky. Long story short, the votes were cast and superheroes won the vote by a landslide! …Naturally.

Our event was held yesterday at the Four Points by Sheraton where superheroes gathered from dawn to dusk (and spending a day not fighting crime). At the party, there were many caped crusaders, one Godzilla (is Godzilla a superhero?), one unrecognizable Katniss Everdeen (or Catnip Evergreen), two Iron Mans (would that make it Iron Men?), a handful of Super Women and more!

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The Great Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

By | Nov 18th, 2015 08.19 AM | View all posts in

The importance of digital marketing continues to soar through the years with the development of complex search algorithms to innovating world-changing technologies that set the milestone for change. In the past months, the digital landscape experienced a myriad of changes that paved the way for something greater. For the first time in history, mobile usage exceeded desktop use in 2014, and that number is expected to rise exponentially in 2016. With 2016, just a month and a half away, and many things are set to change in the digital landscape, and the predictions come rolling in, setting up the waves of change.

Digital Marketing

Optimizing for change and adaptability is imperative in the eyes of brands and businesses; when technology changes, so does its behavior and audiences.

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Why the ‘Viral Phenomena’ is not Content Marketing

By | Aug 28th, 2015 10.17 AM | View all posts in

Content Marketing is a term online marketers are all too familiar with; content marketing is about marketing content that appeals to people to promote brand awareness and develop brand loyalty. Over the years, content marketing flourished, giving rise to the importance of quality content, strictly outweighing quality over quantity. The essence of content marketing is limitless as content is extremely flexible and can be easily applied to various social media channels to spark awareness and audience engagement. While the essence of content marketing is about developing long-term quality content, however, it must be noted that content marketing does not relate to virality in the slightest.

Thinking man

So, why is virality not considered as content marketing?

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5 (More) Tips to Make Your Content Flourish

By | Apr 2nd, 2015 05.02 AM | View all posts in

How do you make your content even better with all the strategies proposed by top-notch online marketing gurus? There is a handful of effective ‘to-dos’ to create attention-grabbing content that resonates with your audience. The message of your content will have to be clear and crisp, both in written and visual formats.

5 (More) Tips to Make Your Content Flourish

Let’s take a look at other strategies to use to boost your website’s overall appeal.

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Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

By | Apr 1st, 2015 05.21 AM | View all posts in

Each year on April 1st, companies will do their absolute best to fool us into believing false news or developing games for people to play. This year, Google Maps delivered hilarity on a retro scale. This year, Google brought us Pac-Man, the famous chomping game from the 1980’s.

Pacman on Google Maps
Pacman on Google Maps

Instead of the box-like arena present in the original Pac-Man, Google Maps used real streets and roads as the arena. Although, in respect, it can be quite challenging maneuvering around tight corners or roundabouts but veteran Pac-Man specialists should have no issues winning the game with ease.

Pacman Instructions
Pacman Instructions

Before playing the game, make sure the area is compatible! Not all streets and roads in the world are best suited for the game. The best cities to play Pac-Man are cities with numerous parallel streets, crisscrossing each other like blocks.

If players feel lazy to locate an actual place, click on “I’m feeling lucky” to be transported to another place!

The game’s quite simple; players will start off with five lives. Use the directional buttons on the keyboard to maneuver Pac-Man through the roads and avoid ghosts. Traverse through roads and streets and pick up fruity-flavored powerups and hunt ghosts!

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[Infographic] 2015 Digital Marketing Trends – What Opportunities Lie Ahead

By | Dec 9th, 2014 07.51 AM | View all posts in

Mobile has been in limelight as the next big thing for the past few years. And to a certain extend, it more or less has. Fact is, the mobile marketing umbrella is huge! From geo-targeting to in-app advertisements, responsive designs and the list goes on. So will 2015 be yet another year for mobile? See the full 2015 Digital Marketing Trends infographic by Syndacast here to see how Mobile Marketing will play out, as well as other notable trends.

Digital Marketing Trends 2015

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Mobile Optimization Ready to Go in 2015

By | Dec 1st, 2014 03.26 AM | View all posts in

Over the course of 2014, many trends have carried over from 2013’s predictions and have since evolved to accommodate the fast-paced rate of digital marketing trends. Trends such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing were the big winners of 2014. Continuing on through the end of the year, new trends will be adopted and optimized for the upcoming year.


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Digital Summit: Online Solutions for Hotels Event Recap

By | Oct 3rd, 2014 12.39 PM | View all posts in

On October 1, 2014, Syndacast held a digital workshop/seminar at the Amari Pattaya, focusing on the implementation of digital marketing in the hospitality niche. The seminar was lead by Wolfgang Jaegel, Doy Moreau, Oliver Wilke and other speakers from the company.


The Digital Summit: Online Solutions for Hotels Event began at 9 AM sharp as Wolfgang Jaegel, Syndacast Founder & CEO warmly welcomed guests and introduced the guests to Syndacast. After Wolfgang’s speech, Syndacast’s Chief Marketing Officer, Doy Moreau took center stage, followed by Head of Biz Dev, Oliver Wilke and concluding with a discussion about content marketing, lead by Monlamai Vichenwanitchkul.

Guests at Amari Ocean Pattaya

After lunch, guests sat at roundtable sessions to learn more about digital marketing and its diverse categories. Several Syndacast speakers each sat at each table and answered questions put forth by interested guests.

The highlight of the event was giving out prizes to three winners from the lucky draw. All three giveaways amounted to $15,000 USD, courtesy of Syndacast.

Lucky Draw Winner

1. $5,000 USD Adboost Web Traffic Package

2. New Responsive Website Design, valued at $5,000 USD

3. 1,000 Targeted High Quality Facebook Fans Package

This digital summit hosted by Syndacast on October 1, 2014 was a success. The event bridges the gap between like-minded industry gurus to interested hoteliers.

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Innovative Ways to Create Content that Matters

By | Aug 20th, 2014 07.28 AM | View all posts in

Let’s play a game: In the next 10 seconds, think of your next thought-leadership topic. Get set… Go!

Stuck? Don’t worry, that’s expected. As with any writer, coming up with new things to write is challenging considering if you have deadlines or quotas to achieve. It’s well-known that coming up with a new ground-breaking topic or putting a new spin on an existent idea is difficult. You’d question yourself: What can you bring to the table that will hook your readers and be heard? As a writer myself, looking for things to write about is problematic. It’s certainly more difficult than choosing what I want to eat for lunch!

As a writer, I do a lot of reading. I read articles that are professionally written by master pensmen and women. I read articles that target humor with a pinch of crudeness in them. Every author has their voice reflected into their writing piece. The more I read, the more ideas I get. I begin to question things and put “What if”-type questions in front of them.

Here are some suggestions to help you get on track with writing your next outstanding piece!

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