With Syndacast, hotels can gain direct bookings without a marketing budget and only pay a percentage of the reported revenue.

Syndacast set up and manage all marketing activities

Market Research, Media Campaign Setup & Investment, Creative Design, Strategies & Conversion Reporting.

Applicable to most independent hotels & local chains

The activities that we work on focus on 1 ultimate goal to target inbound travellers and bring in direct bookings and revenue.

Hotels do not have to invest in marketing cost

Syndacast invest in all marketing cost to reach potential customers, hotels only pay a small % of the direct revenue after guests have checked out. Please note, we need to place an audience tag on your website and a conversion tracking tag on the booking engine's confirmation page.

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Some words about Syndacast

Syndacast is a media agency headquartered in Thailand that has a strong background in online travel globally. We have succeeded in thousands of marketing activities for boutique hotels, chains and airlines of all ranges since 2008. We specialize in driving direct bookings to hotels via data-driven marketing platforms.


1. Hotels sign up and agree on a commission percentage.
2. Syndacast set up, invest and manage all marketing activities to target potential customers globally.
3. Hotels only pay after guests have checked out in previous month (of those reported bookings).

Why choose us?

  • Genuine marketing activities that bring real results

    We invest in proper advertising/marketing activities (search marketing, display advertisements and other activities that we see fit) via auction programs and optimization engines.

  • World-Class Standard

    We use the tracking technology from Doubleclick (a Google company) and make it fair by providing this standard across all hotel clients. And we only report result based on this technology.

  • Dashboard and Monthly reporting

    Access will be provided to a reporting dashboard that shows bookings and revenue which is updated on a daily basis. In addition, at the start of every month we will send a monthly report which shows the bookings for the previous month allowing the hotel to validate checked-out bookings.

How it works
Booking and Revenue Report

Discover more about us

We are data, technology and results driven. We have gained considerable recognition for delivering results beyond client’s expectations.

Syndacast at Spark Conference

Our Philosophy

Marketing can be made simple yet effective. We have had many years running different advertising and media campaigns and all of those learnings and problems are now combined into programs and packages. So in short, based on pattern learning, audience data, and experiences, we now can offer the ideal product that works for your hotels while you save your marketing budget.

Simple yet effective

It's easy to complicate things. So our goal is to provide simple solutions that save time, money and are more effective for hotels.

  • Decisions Based on Data

    We make investment and decisions based on data, aiming to achieve the ultimate goal: direct bookings and revenue for the hotels.

  • Global Coverage

    We target prospects around the globe. As long as they look for your hotel, we'll try to reach them on the internet regardless of the publisher.

  • Cross Device & Cross Environment

    As long as someone looks for your hotel, or has visited your website but did not book, we can reach them regardless of device.

  • Optimization as Key Strength

    Not only do our experts analyze the data, but our system also auto-optimize so that ads are targeted to the right people at the right time.

  • Passion

    We love our work and have a strong passion to create success for our clients. That's why hotels only pay based on results.

  • Supporting

    Up to 1 ticket/request per month on one of these tasks: changing or adding creatives, changing landing pages, and temporarily changing the status of campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

What is the scope of work?

Syndacast will manage 100%: marketing strategies, ad-copy, investment budget, creative banners and data reporting. We only report bookings and revenue from users have viewed or clicked on the ads if the booking is made within 30 days after the interaction with the ad. The hotel does not have to do anything except for implementing the pixels that we send before all activities start. Each month the hotels will receive a report that contains the details of checked-out bookings for previous month to validate (no-show, cancellations, revenue change).

What should we do if we also run another marketing campaign?

If you are currently investing in a marketing campaign via real time bidding methods, we recommend that you pause that campaign and let us invest in ours so there will be no overlap. However, if you are simply buying an ad placement on a partner website, this should not have any effect on our activities. If you are working with an affiliate or another agency, please let us know sso we can provide the best approach.

What tags will you place on my website?

In order to run the campaign, build the audience list, find similar audiences and track the performance effectively, we will only send you 2 tags to implement: 1 audience tag to paste on all pages of your website, 1 tracking tag to place at the confirmation page (after someone books a room on the booking engine). The tags are Google/Doubleclick format, so they are globally accepted. Bookings are only tracked and recorded if the booking is made within 30 days after the interaction with the ad. For example, if a user views our ad today and makes a booking within the next 30 days using the same browser, it will be recorded in our report.

Can we send and use our creatives?

We usually come up with the creatives via our creative templates (that have proved to work for hotels). But you can send us the creative banners to add in (up to 1 time per month), the recommended specs are: Static JPG, dimension in pixel (width*height): 1200x628, 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 728x90, 970x90px, and 970x250px.

Our Experience

Here is the list of some of our experience in the travel and hospitality vertical.

The Simplest Digital Marketing Solution to drive Direct Hotel Bookings.

Syndacast manages everything while the hotels validate the results and pay for validated results only.

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