Syndacast's Adboost Direct is the simplest way to optimize a hotel's marketing budget.

Automated planning of investment

You decide a budget & objective, Adboost Direct helps you gain the best result.

Applicable to most hotels' needs for direct bookings

The activities that we suggest and the way we auto-optimize the budget are focused solely on 1 ultimate goal: to bring in the direct bookings.

Very little commitment with visible results*

We manage all activities. You can try to invest for only 3 months. If the results are great, you can choose to continue. *Please note, we need to place an audience tag on your website and a conversion tracking tag on the booking engine's confirmation page.

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Adboost Direct for Hotels

Please answer the questions below and pick your objective, we will suggest an ideal budget for you.

Some words about Syndacast

Syndacast is a media agency headquartered in Thailand that has a strong background in global online travel. We have succeeded in thousands of marketing activities for boutique hotels, chains and airlines of all ranges since 2008. We specialize in driving direct bookings to hotels via data-driven marketing platforms.

What is Adboost Direct for hotels?

Instead of hiring people to run marketing campaigns and run into daily complications, your hotel can easily sign up with Adboost Direct which utilizes our audience and partners' data lists, marketing campaign builders, and our years of expertise on hotel marketing. Because of this system, we can save time and money for hotels, while optimizing the results.

Why choose us?

  • Genuine marketing activities that bring real results

    We help you invest your budget in marketing activities (search marketing and display advertisements) via auction programs and automated optimization engines. This yields profitable results while cutting down unnecessary costs.

  • World-class Standard

    We use the tracking technology from Doubleclick (a Google company) and make it fair by providing this standard across all hotel clients. And we only report the result based on this technology.

  • Dashboard reporting

    We have a standard report on our dashboard that updates daily. You will see 2 reports: 1. Your investment to date 2. The bookings and revenue recorded from that investment.


Discover more about us

We are data, technology and results driven. We have gained considerable recognition for delivering results beyond client’s expectations.

Syndacast at Spark Conference

Our Philosophy

Marketing can be made simple yet effective. We have had many years of experience running online advertising campaigns, therefore past learnings and problem solving techniques are now combined into programs. So based on pattern learnings and experiences, we now can offer the ideal product that works for your hotels, even at minimum investment.

Simple yet effective

It's easy to complicate things. So our goal is to provide simple solutions that save time, money and are much more effective than traditional agencies.

  • Decisions Based on Data

    The investment is allocated & paced based on demand and performance data, for optimum balance (sweet spot).

  • Global Coverage

    We can target any prospective customer as well as any of your website visitors around the globe.

  • Cross Device & Cross Environment

    We can target users on all devices. As long as they look for your hotel, or have visited your website but did not book, we can reach them.

  • Optimization as Key Strength

    Not only do our experts analyze data, but our system also auto-optimizes towards the end goal: booking and revenue, via auto-pacing, dynamic-bidding, and data-learning.

  • Passion

    We love our work and have a strong passion to create success for our clients. In fact we only keep investing if the marketing activity is profitable.

  • Supporting

    We do offer support with up to 2 tickets (requests) per month on these tasks: changing or adding creatives, changing ad-copies, changing landing pages.

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between ROI ONLY and ROI PLUS?

ROI means Return On Investment (Revenue divided by Investment). ROI ONLY objective would solely focus on the strategies that would most likely yield a direct booking: search marketing for hotels' brand keywords, and display retargeting ads. ROI PLUS objective would contain the above strategies, but stretch an extra mile to also target the prospecting audience (inbound intenders to your hotel's city location) via third party audience data so while the ROI is only at average, the benefit is long term.

What is retargeting?

Most of the traffic to a website are unsold. It means most of your visitors leave without taking actions. By putting a small script on your website, we can build this visitors' list (anonymous). Then we build the display ads (you see it on any website) to reach these users and call them back to take action. The advantage is that it usually yields good result. Our system autooptimizes to make retargeting ads work better than usual by prioritizing the fresh visitors (those who visited your website recently).

What tags will you place on my website?

In order to run the campaign and track it effectively, we will send you 2 tags to implement on your end: 1 audience tag to paste on all pages of your website, 1 tracking tag to place at the confirmation page (after someone books a room via your booking engine). The tags are Google/Doubleclick format, so they should be globally accepted.

Can we send our creatives so that you can use?

We come up with the creatives via our creative templates (that have proved to work for hotels). But you can send us the creative to add in (up to 1 time per month), the recommended specs are: Static JPG, dimension in pixel: 1200x628, 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 728x90, 970x90, and 970x250.

Our Experience

Here is the list of some of our experience in the travel and hospitality vertical.

The Most Effective Digital Marketing Product to drive Direct Hotel Bookings.

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Then Adboost Direct executes and optimizes it.

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