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By | Jun 30th, 2015 08.40 AM | View all posts in Social Media Marketing

With the immense number of content we get bombarded with every day while marketing Gurus enthusiastically share know-how, tips and tricks on social media marketing and what not, you might be thinking: so what’s new about this article and why should I spend time going through it?

Well, we bring you the hidden meaning behind the letters combined to make this very word – TWITTER.

Apparently, there’s more than meets the eye. What exactly could it mean? Let’s find out…

T – Targeting
Targeting the right audience at the right time in the right context with the right keywords can be the Mantra to reach your potential followers.

Targeting the right audience can be challenging when you’re fairly new and don’t have any established audience yet. This is where industry-specific influencers play a significant role. Since these influencers already have a large audience base and many followers, connecting with such influential people can send good traffic to your Twitter handle or even website and eventually influence the buying decisions.



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Syndacast Featured on Facebook Business Success Stories

By | 02.39 AM | View all posts in Social Media Marketing

Just giving ourselves a small pat on the back for a job well done!

On 29 June 2015, the Syndacast team got featured on Facebook Business Success Stories for a campaign that was rolled-out for Ananda Development. Via advanced custom audiences and targeting tools, this year’s event held by Ananda saw over double the registrations from last year.

Facebook Success Stories


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From A Digital Marketer to Another

By | Jun 10th, 2015 07.16 AM | View all posts in Digital Marketing

I was recently approached by a friend who wanted to switch her career from traditional marketing to digital marketing. She wondered, is it really that different? While it took her a while to get a whole picture of the digital marketing channels, it really was the difference in the ideal marketer’s traits that she found may pose to be a challenge. Online Marketers are in fact one of the most meticulous creatures on earth. Let me show you why I say this.

Flexibility & Planning

The digital space is always changing and as an online marketer, you’d need to continuously learn as well as unlearn things to be able to adapt. What could be a bizarre idea today might turn out to be the next big thing before the year ends. The challenge isn’t so much about adapting but how to do it the smart way. In other words, it’s about adapting with direction and coming up with short term plans on how best to adapt.

A good charted out plan can pilot Digi-marketers onto the correct path and help them recognize and achieve their goals and objectives. A well-constructed Social Media Marketing calendar could help determine the objective of each post, when to post and budget allocations per se. Nevertheless, with the ever changing landscape, digital marketers would need to be ready to change their plans on the spot and perhaps several times throughout the course of a campaign.

Digital Marketer

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