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Online Travel Marketing Statistics 2014

By | Aug 21st, 2014 03.45 AM | View all posts in Marketing

Travel Marketing Statistics 2014

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Comscore-run recently did a studying showing the various statistics all related to traveling and the devices customers usually use to book or makes plans for their next vacation. If you considering a marketing plan for year 2015, here are some information you might want to keep in mind before launching any campaign.  more

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Innovative Ways to Create Content that Matters

By | Aug 20th, 2014 07.28 AM | View all posts in Tips & Tricks

Let’s play a game: In the next 10 seconds, think of your next thought-leadership topic. Get set… Go!

Stuck? Don’t worry, that’s expected. As with any writer, coming up with new things to write is challenging considering if you have deadlines or quotas to achieve. It’s well-known that coming up with a new ground-breaking topic or putting a new spin on an existent idea is difficult. You’d question yourself: What can you bring to the table that will hook your readers and be heard? As a writer myself, looking for things to write about is problematic. It’s certainly more difficult than choosing what I want to eat for lunch!

As a writer, I do a lot of reading. I read articles that are professionally written by master pensmen and women. I read articles that target humor with a pinch of crudeness in them. Every author has their voice reflected into their writing piece. The more I read, the more ideas I get. I begin to question things and put “What if”-type questions in front of them.

Here are some suggestions to help you get on track with writing your next outstanding piece! more

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