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@ Event: Digital Matters #5

By | Apr 28th, 2014 03.57 AM | View all posts in Videos

Our team giving out ‘Keep Calm and Go Digital’ shirts at event Digital Matters #5 by thumbsup.

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Fact or Fiction? Email Marketing Has ROI of 4300%

By | Apr 22nd, 2014 10.47 AM | View all posts in Infographic


Old style traditional snail mail has survived countless tidal waves of marketing changes. Then who’s to say it’s any different for e-mails?
In 2013, there were rumors that email marketing, newsletters and eDMs are on a downhill turn. Some media goes as far as to portray it as dead. Fact is: email marketing is very much alive and continues to deliver some of the highest ROIs. Then why, you might ask, do certain email campaigns fail? This is why:

email marketing infographic

– Email marketing has an ROI of 4300%
– Less than 4% of marketers rate their email marketing campaign as excellent
– 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day
– 56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2014
– 42% of marketers use email marketing services beyond email broadcasting
– This is up 12% from 2010
– 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices
– 50%++ of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up
– 70%++ mobile purchasing decision are influenced by promotional emails
– 1/3 of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone

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Internet Usage Statistics 2014

By | Apr 11th, 2014 07.56 AM | View all posts in Infographic

Online business in South East Asia? These stats for Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia might be useful for you.

2014 internet penetration statistics 2

-Population: 5,460,302
-Internet Penetration: 73%
-Internet Users: 3,971,3188
-Mobile Internet Penetration: 64%
-Average time spent using mobile internet: 1 hour 57 minutes per day

-Population: 67,448,120
-Internet Penetration: 26%
-Internet Users: 17,770,139
-Mobile Internet Penetration: 24%
-Average time spent using mobile internet: 5 hours 7 minutes per day

-Population: 25,160,124
-Internet Penetration: 15%
-Internet Users: 38,191,873
-Mobile Internet Penetration: 24%
-Average time spent using mobile internet: 5 hours 7 minutes per day

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Top 5 On-Page SEO Must-Dos for 2014

By | 04.29 AM | View all posts in Search Engine Optimization

As the year 2014 continues unfolding, business owners are recognizing that employing effective on-page SEO techniques is still a critical factor that can determine their search ranking in major engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With this idea in mind, you may find it helpful to review this list of top 5 on-page SEO must-dos for the year:

Top 5 on-page seo must do's


Image source:

1. Great Content.

Although this on-page SEO must-do may seem trite or obvious, it really isn’t. Content is still king and many website owners are still failing to acknowledge the truth of this statement. In order to ensure that your website can catch and keep the attention of your audience, it is important that your blogs, articles, and product pages are full of lively, informative content. In general, academic language should be kept to a minimum and paragraphs should be no longer than five or six sentences. Additionally, the content should be clear and concise rather than wordy and convoluted.  more

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Japanese Link Network Clean Up

By | Apr 9th, 2014 01.57 AM | View all posts in Search Engine Optimization

Who says Google is cleaning up primarily English sites only? A few weeks ago, MyBlogGuest, which depending on arguments sake could be considered a link network, was penalized. This was followed by speculations about Google taking things a step further in terms of rounding up link and blog networks.

With the recent local link network clean-up that made it into international news with 7 Japanese link networks targeted by Google just yesterday, there is no doubt that Google’s clean-up extends to local websites and searches as well.

Google Japan

Perhaps the more reason to take Matt Cutts more seriously when he ‘hints’? After-all, it’s been a long time already since he mentioned the misuse of guest blogging for SEO purposes. So if link building effort is going down the drain yet links are still a very important ranking factor, where do businesses go from here?

The concept put forth by Google is actually pretty simple and goes along the lines of ‘If your website/product is good, it will sell’. As simple as that. If your product is good, a video about it on YouTube could go viral and build the much needed backlink signals naturally.

And there’s always good ol’ pay-per-click and display banner advertising to build website traffic if you’re having trouble with organic rankings for the time being.

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2014 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy Conference

By | Apr 2nd, 2014 10.55 AM | View all posts in News and Updates

Taking place at the InterContinental Bangkok hotel, the 2014 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy welcomed various well-known guest speakers into the conference, discussing key digital marketing key issues. Amongst the guests was Wolfgang Jaegel, presenting the 5 Trends in Modern Search Engine Marketingrevealing conversion optimization strategies and case studies focused on the finance and banking industry.

2014 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy Conference
Wolfgang Jaegel, Syndacast CEO

The conference gathers the brightest minds who are directly exposed to the fast-moving digital technologies, the ability to adapt and revolutionize the mobile industry for business use and how to effectively use social media to connect and engage with customers. Wolfgang Jaegel, an  internet technology and digital marketing veteran with 20 year experience in the niche was invited to the conference to showcase the trends and offer strategic insights to the digital dynamic environment.

Throughout the presentation, Wolfgang touched on various topics including why a responsive web design is imperative for businesses.

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