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2014 Social Media Numbers – A Mid-Year Review

By | Jun 16th, 2014 08.34 AM | View all posts in Blog Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing

Facebook continues to be in the lead at 1.5 billion active monthly users.

Google+ is in 2nd place and rapidly catching up at 343 million active monthly users.

Google+ is not just another social media. Think demographic and location data. The platform is a player in the grander scheme of things, especially SEO.

social media 2014

Visual content is quickly becoming a critical content strategy and social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming an integral part of retailers’ marketing strategies.

Micro-videos are on the rise! Instagram allows 3-15 seconds videos and Vine allows 6 seconds videos. Real time sharing of micro-video is the next big movement in social media.

With almost all social media website now offering location services, 2014 sees foursquare struggling.

MySpace now offers an iPhone app and is on track for growth.

LinkedIn has 238 million users and is positioning itself as more than just a social networking website but a large source for content creation and curation for professionals.

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