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Khun Thitapa Pituksang (Lexy) – On Core Values

By | Nov 26th, 2013 10.30 AM | View all posts in Featured

Bringing you this week is a video, highlighting Syndacast’s very own Regional HR Director, Miss. Thitapa Pituksang or Lexy for short. In charge of all things administrative and official in the company, Lexy in charge of conducting interviews to find the right people for the right job at Syndacast.

Hiring anybody and everybody isn’t necessarily an easy task when there’s people searching for jobs everywhere. Those who come to Syndacast are carefully selected, to ensure both employee and company go along hand-in-hand. Thus, to better understand the selection process, Lexy is put under the spotlight to highlight what she looks in potential candidates! Lexy break downs qualities she looks for in potential candidates as well as how they [the candidate] will model themselves in many months’ time.

These are the 4 crucial elements Lexy looks for:

– The People
– Agility
– Technology
– Predictable Results

Jot down these qualities, job seeker as she may be talking to you, the newest person to be added (and welcomed) to the Syndacast family!

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Microsoft Declares War on Google: Scroogled

By | Nov 25th, 2013 08.54 AM | View all posts in News and Updates

When Microsoft declares war, they never are subtle about it. A recent Scroogled video that is quickly being spread among viewers portrays Google as commercializing your personal data and privacy. Apparently, Scroogled T-shirts and various products are also available that says, “Do you use Google Search? Or Gmail? Or Google Chat? Or Chrome? Then Google is watching you…all the time.”
Is the Scroogled campaign new? In fact it began about a year ago and was also televised but Microsoft has pulled the plug on television Scroogled ads. The Scroogled blog is nevertheless still alive and kicking. Most products feature the text: “Keep Calm While We Steal Your Data”.


As mentioned above, Microsoft isn’t shy about targeting tech companies in its radar; previously the tech behemoth targeted Apple iPhone with an anti-iPhone campaign that was publicly available on YouTube.

The campaign comes with heated comments from Google Engineers featured on Forbes about Scroogled merchandise:
“LOL! It’s already sold out! If only the Surface is this popular,” wrote one software engineer linking to the mug, leading a colleague to add, “Probably sold out because Googlers bought them all up.”

“I desperately want a Scroogled T-Shirt to wear to work, but you have to have a Microsoft Account to buy one,” writes one Google systems engineer. “Really, MS? Your store that makes fun of the competition’s need to have user information requires a buyer to give you all their information to buy a T-shirt.”

Meanwhile, one former Google engineer offered his own photoshopped version of the mug. “There, I fixed it for them,” he wrote, adding logos for Skype and the Xbox.

All the while, there are a number who feels that this is an effective strategy; as quoted from :

“For Microsoft it’s a win,” said Jonathan Symonds, exec VP-marketing at ace Metrix, an ad-effectiveness research firm. In Ace’s evaluation, more than 53% of campaign viewers mention Google in their responses to the ads said they would look at Bing in a new light or at least seek more information. With Bing trailing Google search more than 50 percentage points at the start of the campaign, Mr. Symonds said just getting people to consider Bing over Google was a victory for Microsoft. “Microsoft will happily accept these outcomes.”

“Once viewers do hit, data collected for Microsoft by Answers Research show a 45% favorability gap in favor of Google contracting to just 5%. Data collected by Answers up until this summer also show the likelihood of someone recommending Google to a friend drop by 10%, as opposed to a 7% increase for Bing, after watching the ad.”

A close look at the Scroogled campaign would reveal that it is in fact a political strategy and shouldn’t come as a surprise as the man behind it all is Mark Penn, a political warrior and former adviser to the Clintons. When asked how long the campaign would run, a Microsoft spokesman said, “The Scroogled campaign will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people.”

We have yet to see then, how this feud between Microsoft and Google will turn out.

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Ready for Cyber Monday?

By | Nov 14th, 2013 02.02 AM | View all posts in Marketing

Cyber Monday’s just around the corner this December 2, 2013. Are you ready for it? Cyber Monday is the Monday right after Thanks giving when online spending is said to jump to as high as 25%. In Europe, this day is more commonly termed as Mega Monday. Nevertheless, if you’re in some sort of online business, this is a day not to be missed.

cyber monday

If you’re planning on promotions and some special offer, don’t forget to optimize for mobile as well. Keep in mind that this day is not only about promotions, but make sure your website will be online and is error free or you’d be missing out on sales.

Preparation tips for Cyber Monday:

– Ensure a recent backup of your website is available
– Get a parallel server running just incase
– Make sure your server has the capacity to take on high load and user requests
– Run a full test of your website to make sure it’s error free (especially the payment process)
– Make sure your subscribers remember your website amidst all the excitement and send an e-newsletter 1 day beforehand
– Don’t forget to optimize for mobile as well

And if you haven’t started preparing, better late than never. At least get your technical checklist done if you’re behind on coming up with a promotion strategy.

image credit:

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Chief Operating Officer, Michael Brockett on the Future of Marketing

By | Nov 4th, 2013 03.47 AM | View all posts in Marketing

In this video, Syndacast’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Brockett discusses why digital marketing is the future of marketing.

The #1 reason being the fact that digital marketing is Measurable. See the full video here:

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